Live on the Drive (LoT-D) is a series of live art workshops, discussions and visits to live events. It is aimed at 15-19 year old young women, based in and around two housing estates in Waltham Forest, helping them to build their own performances based off of their own experiences and ideas. The sessions are run by performance artist Katy Baird and visual artist Rebecca Lindsay – Addy.

This project is part of the drawing shed, a contemporary arts organisation established in 2009 and led by visual artists Sally Labern and Bobby Lloyd from its project base, LockUpNumber11, located on two housing estates in London E17. the drawing shed’s mobile studios – the drawing shed, ClayOven, PrintBike, The Public Typing Pool© and The Public Reading Wall & Soap-Box – act as an artist-led project resource for collaborations and form one of the central platforms for the work which takes place on the estates, across London and further a-field. Bridging in and out of the durational projects on their estates’ base, the drawing shed’s enduring presence in turn makes way for risk-taking which feeds back into the development of critical practice and ideas.

the drawing shed uses social media, drawing, writing, installation, sculpture, social media, festival, food, sound, film and live art to engage with particular communities and create new works, share ideas, develop community- based performance and trigger ‘public’ intervention through provocation. These are often born out of engaging with issues of social / contested space and the often poetic encounters with people and places.

The lead artists are always looking to the creative friction of ‘the third space’ – as one of the imagination, of the local, the international and the value of difference. The work they develop off the estates for the drawing shed as Labern&Lloyd is organic and content led, delivering a complex and rigorously engaged collision with contemporary issues and ‘poetic justice’. the drawing shed also commissions other artists to work with the organisation, through participatory projects, interventions and provocations, as well as co-curation.