Women’s March Part 2

In this blog is documentation the LoT-D Girls created of their performance at the Women’s Day March that took place this January – to see the film of this and more writing around that experience first, click here. 

This day, started a theme of thinking about documentation and the role that could play, and how the LoT-D girls could take ownership of this themselves – creating lasting images of a powerful protest art action.

First, photographs of the journey there – utilising this as a tool for the girls to see visual elements of what they potentially planned to perform once we arrived:


The next photographs are from performances once we got there, where one of the LoT-D Girls were tasked with documenting, whilst the two others performed – keeping a distance, and merging into the crowd that was gathered around in order to not to be intrusive to the performance



You can watch the performance here. 




Here we tried out the performance in a much less crowded space, sadly our camera did not record this one! But it was interesting to experiment with a different site.

I think the images in themselves, are very strong, capturing an exciting moment, as one of the LoT-D Girls first public performances.

Rebecca Lindsay – Addy, Live on The Drive Artist



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