The LoT-D Girls will be taking part in the E17 Art Trail on the 10th June, from 2-6pm they will be performing on the estates!


On Monday evening, me and Katy Baird met with the LoT-D Girls to visit the site, and talk about previous performances and ideas, and where we will situate ourselves.

We were all very aware that the performance will be two days after the general election results and reflected on how we might engage people in relation to this – and what issues this may bring up, and discussions people may or not may not want to have in the aftermath.

We reflected particularly on the performances from the Women’s March in London – and its effectiveness in its political messaging, and engagement with the audience, especially the element of the girls performing together – and the act of the wrapping up in cling-film. A brilliant array of visual, and exciting work has been created so far with the LoT-D Girls over the course of the workshops, with bold and effective actions for us to build on – all powered by the LoT-D girl’s ideas, and also there ability to command such a strong presence.


We looked at a variety of areas and were interested in this place at the edge of the estate/start of the estates where it meets with the main road (as pictured above) – and have also talked about being mobile as performers.

Excited to see what the day will bring!

Rebecca Lindsay – Addy, Live on the Drive Artist. 


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