Zines and Performance

We decided to run a workshop looking at Zines, the idea suggested by the drawing shed, as a way of extending LoT-D beyond the live performances, and also a way to extend the workshops to other girls, in a way that is still driven and created by the LoT-D girls.


Sally Labern bought a series of Zines from Rabbits Road Institute Zine Fair ranging from the silly, simple, and highly detailed. We were particularly interested in the small books that had been made very simply (as pictured above), enjoying the compact size. I took these all down to LockUpNumber11 to show the LoT-D girls. I also bought along Convening on Uncommon Ground Volume Three – Jessica Higgins which I’d purchase a while ago, as I felt the way it uses text and poetry could signify a narrative, some short poems with images felt like little scenes, or settings. Perhaps, I suggested as a method, text could be used in a way that is instructive, or suggests action.

I was interested in using collage as a way to approach generating quick ideas, and suggested this – but together we eventually decided this complicated it, and Zoe, one of the LoT-D girls was more interested working with her own text. When she was overwhelmed by the idea of what to fill the Zine with we decided to do a quick writing activity, for 2 mins, writing non – stop in a stream of consciousness. I thought about how Performance could be seen as a daily ritual or activity – and wrote around this. Zoe read back hers, and the second half branched off into Italian, which I was instantly intrigued in – she mentioned she is learning so that’s why it slipped in. I thought Language, was an interesting way in – and she decided to produce hers with common sayings in different languages.


She chose some languages, of which she had knowledge of, and others she did not. Some more ‘common’ (taught in schools, western etc.) languages and others perhaps unknown to others. I talked about how the Zine could also function as an invitation, i.e. asking others to identify the languages and attempting to say them, or if they speak a language else than english, to share their way of saying hello. I’m excited to hopefully extend this element of the project further, as a method of documentation perhaps but also a way for the LoT-D girls can extend ideas of Performance, and exhibit ideas from the workshops in absence of the live moment.

Rebecca Lindsay – Addy, Live on the Drive Artist 


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