Photography and Performance

After the Women’s March, me and Katy were keen to focus on some more personal and specific performances, drawing on ideas around Identity we had previously talked about with the LoT-D girls. We returned to working at the Living Art Development Agency reading room, and offices as a site.

We had made collages in a previous session in a response to a list of words Katy had found that were meant to be issues that worried and effected young women. We talked through these, and did some writing around some of the words – we then made collages based of this conversation. The conversation on individual topics such a ‘physical appearance’ or ‘sexuality’ and the way they felt these intersected with their experience of everything from education, to work, and even their friendship groups.

At the start of this session, we looked at one another’s, writing words onto post it notes that came to mind, then passing it on to the next person to respond and build on those words. We then selected one or two words from this, and sought out a space within the office, reading room, etc. to stage a photograph. (Photographs to come…)

berrivan_stillWatch here 

We did also end up filming Berrivan’s photograph set up, and I think it’s interesting how the visual and framing is much different due to the initial idea of it being a photograph only, and how Berrivan’s video work embodies a stillness that enhances the movement – it references it’s own staging for me – and perhaps that is due to being present for the moment of setting it up. All very interesting things to keep considering, in terms of documentation, the live moment, and process.

Rebecca Lindsay – Addy, Live on the Drive Artist 


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